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Shoutout SOCAL, August 2, 2022: Meet Anthony Carey | Founder & CEO of Core-Tex Reactive Training, August 1, 2022: Local Entrepreneur Returns Home to Showcase Innovative Core-Tex Reactive Training


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KTBS-3, February 23, 2019: Cologuard Classic: Ex-UA stars Gamez, Berganio Seek Second Chance on Familiar Turf, January 4, 2019: Top 20 Biomechanics Blogs, News Websites & Newsletters in 2019


HealthCentral, February, 2018: Should You Exercise If You Have Chronic Pain?

American Council on Exercise, January 2018, Press Release: Pain-Free Movement Specialist Program Designed to Help Millions of People With Chronic Pain Get Back to Living an Active Lifestyle


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Association of Fitness Studios, Novemeber, 2016: Why Seeking Out a Mentor is the Key to Your Success

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All About Fitness Episode 8, June 24, 2016: Understanding the Physiology of Pain with Anthony Carey

Life After Pain, April 13, 2016: Exercise for Chronic Pain Relief – with Anthony Carey of Function First

Movement Masterminds, April 8, 2016: Going Beyond Biomechanics: An interview with Anthony Carey about Psychology & Pain

IDEA Fitness Journal, February, 2016: The Many Dimensions of Pain, January 8, 2016: Kickass Entrepreneur: Function First



Real Simple Magazine, November 2015: How to Do an Overhead Triceps Extension

American Council on Exercise Pro Source, November 2015: A Systematic Approach to Improving Ankle Mobility

Sterling Health & Fitness Interview with Anthony Carey, October 16, 2015: Pain-Free Movement: Interview w/ Anthony Carey M.A., CSCS, ACE-AHFP, September 29, 2015: Posture Assessment & Exercise Treatment

Flawless Women's Fitness, August 27, 2015: 10 TIPS FOR A BETTER WORKOUT!

Train Magazine, July 2015: The Future of Fitness

Wellness Force Radio, June 22, 2015: Podcast: Eliminating Pain Through Creating New Belief Systems With Anthony Carey, June 2015: The Primary Movers of the Lower Extremities

American Fitness Magazine, May/June 2015: Unrestricted, Unpredictable and Fully Engaged: Core-Tex™ May 6, 2015: Hip Alignment Exercises

Live Well |, May 2015: Stretches for Tight Psoas Muscles

MuscleMag, March 23, 2015: The 2 Things You Need To Do After Every Workout

ACE Pro Source, January 2015: How You Can Help Clients With Chronic Pain


Oxygen Magazine, December 2014: 10 Tips For A Perfect Workout

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San Diego Union Tribune, August 24, 2014: Function First voted Best Health & Fitness Club

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The Fit Pro Podcast with Scott Rawcliff, May 6, 2014: Dealing with Clients in Chronic Pain, February 5, 2014: 9 Common Exercises That Could Be Bad for You

San Diego Magazine, February 2014: Try This Trend - Loaded Movement Training

San Diego Union Tribune, January 14, 2014: Lifestyle Changes KEY For Fibromyalgia

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American Councel on Exercise (ACE) Fit Life, November 1, 2013: Quickie Bodyweight Workout for the Busiest Time of the Year

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San Diego Union Tribune, September 2, 2012: Function First voted Best Health & Fitness Club

PTontheNET, August 22, 2012: Successful Corrective Exercise Programming

Chicago Fitness |, August 10, 2012: Re-humanizing Exercise with Functional Training

PTontheNET, June 19, 2012: Myofascial Mobility Through Strategic Movement

Presidio Sentinel, May 2012: Exercise is Medicine Month

Fox News, March 9, 2012: 4 back-strengthening exercises

PTontheNet, March 2, 2012: Exposure Training: What’s YOUR Exposure?

JSE, January 18, 2012: Corrective Exercise Expert Anthony Carey Offers the Latest Information on Health and Healing in Online Interview


eMedinews Medi Fitness Update, December 2011: The Benefits of running barefoot, November 26, 2011: Kyphosis Exercise, November 11, 2011: Back, Hip & Leg Pain

FitPro Network Magazine, November 2011: Lower Back Pain Essentials

Experience Life Magazine, November 2011: The Web of Life

Medical News Blog, November 5, 2011: Bad Backs Are Headed Back To School: Overloaded Backpacks To Blame For Back Pain In Children

Train Hard Fight Easy Magazine, November 2011: Infinite Possibilities, September 1, 2011: What Are the Functions of the Psoas Muscle?

University of Cincinnati Health Line, September 1, 2011: Researchers Enlist Symptom-Specific Exercise in Battle Against Parkinson's Disease (using the Core-Tex™)

San Diego Union Tribune, September 1, 2011: Function First voted Best Alternative Exercise Studio in San Diego

San Diego Union Tribune, September 1, 2011: Anthony Carey/Function First, voted as one of San Diego's Best Personal Trainer/Studio, August 9, 2011: Poor Posture & Injuries

Physical Therapy Products, July 2011: Lower-Extremity Rehab

Muscle & Fitness UK Magazine, July 2011: Mike Clegg - Patriarch of POWER, June 14, 2011: Piriformis Syndrome Therapy Rehabilitation, June 14, 2011: Personal Training & Development

Health Club Management, June 2011: Getting the Balance Right

Presidio Sentinel Newspaper, June 1, 2011: Exercise Is Medicine, May 26, 2011: Exercises for Sacriliac Joint Pain, May 26, 2011: Corrective Stretches for Forward Shoulders, May 12, 2011: Gluteal & Calf Pain

Club Business International Magazine, May 2011: Taking The Chore out of Core - New Products and Programs are Making Functional Training More Fun, April 25, 2011: Function First

ACE: America's Authority on Fitness Certified news: April 2011: Workout Watchdog: Tools for the Trainer—Core-Tex™ and ViPR™

MMA Business Magazine, February 2011: PRO SHOP New Products and Services

IDEA Fitness Journal, January 2011: What do you do if a client comes to you complaining of carpal tunnel issues?


IDEA Fitness Journal, December 2010: Honing Your Intuitive Intelligence: Use your gut instinct to get ahead in your fitness career., December 27, 2010: Posture Correction Exercises for Lordosis, November 27, 2010: Exercises for a Long Neck or a Neck That Sticks Out, November 27, 2010: Tricks to Better Posture

Fitness Tips 4 Life, November 14, 2010: How to Stretch the Pelvic Floor Muscles, November 7, 2010: Back Pain After Lifting Weights

SKI Magazine, October 2010: Balance Stability on the Slopes

San Diego Union Tribune's Best of 2010: Anthony Carey/Function First, voted as one of San Diego's Best of 2010, for the category of Best Personal Trainer/Studio!

Underground Wellness Podcast, July 9, 2010: The Pain Free Program With Anthony Carey, May 20, 2010: Pelvic Correction Exercises, May 12, 2010: San Diego Mayor - Let's Get Physical!

Press Release, May 7, 2010: May is “Exercise is Medicine Month™”

San Diego Union Tribune, April 6, 2010: Equipment adds muscle to cross-training workouts


Personal Fitness Professional Magazine, April 2009:  Journey to Success-Profile on Anthony Carey 2009 Trainer of the Year.

Los Angeles Times, May 13, 2009: Start Sweating -- A New Exercise Video Library is Online

USA Today, April 1, 2009:  Take time to tune up your workout

Personal Fitness Professional Magazine, March 17, 2009: Anthony Carey named 2009 Personal Trainer of the Year

IDEA Fitness Journal:  The Business of (Relieving) Pain


Real Simple Magazine, April 2008: 4 Back-Strengthening Exercises

North Park News, April 2008:  Teaching Clients How to Function

Rick Kaselj of Healing Through Movement Interviews Anthony Carey of Function First, January 2008: What is Corrective Exercise?


Los Angeles Times, May 14, 2007: Nylon straps are basis of suspension exercise system

Time Magazine, April 23,2007: Your Active Lifestyle

IDEA Fitness Journal, December 2007: Building the Bridge: A Career in Medical Fitness

San Diego Union Tribune, March 20, 2007:  Leaps & Bounds:  Plyometrics' jumps and other moves can propel you to higher fitness levels

World Talk Radio Dr. John Spencer Ellis Power Hour, February 6, 2007: Interview with Anthony Carey

The OC Body TV Show on the Healthy Living Channel: Anthony Carey featured guest

Newsday, February 6, 2007: Easing Back Pain the Natural Way


KPBS Radio, December 6, 2006: Doctors and Fitness Trainers Hope to Benefit From Collaboration

New York Times, September 21, 2006: Trainers Who Want to Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

Power Systmes, August 2006: Foam Rollers, A Balancing Act for Clients

San Diego Physician's Magazine, May 2006: The Medical and Fitness Communities Working to Come Together

O Magazine, April 2006: Body Wise - Invisible Fitness move: Hip Flexors

Presidio Sentinel, March 2006:  Is A Pain-Free Existence Possible?

Copley News Wire, March 2, 2006:  Strengthen Body with Pain Free Posture

KPBS Radio, January 3, 2006: Eliminate Back Pain with Good Posture


Gloucester County Times, December 13, 2005: Book Offers Proven Method to Relieve Pain

New York Times, November 17, 2005: A Straight-Up Approach to Better Fitness


Shape Magazine, July 2004: Smarten Up your Strength Training