Personalized Fitness Programs

Burn Fat. Get Stronger. Move Better.

Training with Function First

Function First is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Our personal training programs are not a one size fits all. You are unique and therefore deserve a unique program tailored to help you accomplish your specific goals. Here at function first we offer private One-on-One Training and X-Factor Small Group Training!

Private Training & Assessments

Designed for the individual who is looking for personal one-on-one attention and/or needs a specilized assessment.


At Function First, small group training means you experience the best of all worlds - you pay less than you would for a traditional personal training experience and get individualized attention and social support. With a maximum of 12 participants per class, you are guaranteed that our focus will be on your safety, your goals, your time, and your overall exercise experience.

X-Factor small group training is unique to Function First. We help you tap into your X-Factor by providing you with the most current exercises science research available and cutting-edge tools that produce visible results. Our elite certified instructors use scientifically designed programs and tools including Core-Tex, ViPR, Powerplate, TRX, Sandbags, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Dumbbells and other fun and different equipment to get you FUN and FAST results.

X-Factor classes are designed for the individual who is an experienced exerciser and not in need of any specialized one-on-one attention. This participant has no existing health problems or restrictions from their medical provider.